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Wednesday, July 23, 2014
after eons i posted something

i never though i would be back here~ it was just a random whim a little while ago to look back at my previous blogs was so scared when the website said "due to inactivity we deactivated your account" my heart stopped good thing i remembered the password >__< i dont know if i am going to be back for good but yeah hello blog drive. my college days were awesome with you.

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Friday, July 27, 2007

music: Gackt - Yami no Shuuen

mood: tralalala boring summer

before everything else visit my MULTIPLY


^ my current home and teehh place where i usually load all my pictures and upload some random songs hehehe <3


i shall edit later

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Sunday, July 15, 2007
t layout change

mood: waiting and hurting

music: Summer dream - Tohoshinki

it just sucks not to have your own computer. i couldnt find a decent computer with a decent freakin photoshop huhuhuhuhuhu~ as of the moment i am missing all my random hours doing nothing and just staring at my computer way back in the philippines.

soooo~~ lets get going with this post~ lately i've been drowing myself with Jdoramas and teehhh Harry Potter 5 mania (yeaahh since i dont have a life and i am so bored T_T)

One Liter of Tears

ok sige tagalog tayo~~ wow napagiwanan na ako ng panahon at ngayon ko lang papanoorin ang dramang ito~ >__< grabe sobra ang iniyak ko sa drama na to!!! sabagay the title speaks for its self grabeeeee saka ngayon ko lang natalaga naappreciate si Ryo i never really liked him pero ngayon waaaahhhhh baka mapabalik ako ng JE dahil sa kanya ahuhuhuhuhu pareehhh wafu ka at ang galing mo umarte at bagay kayo nung girl!! waahhh!! one of the best Jdoramas that i've ever seen, keso pero it taught me a lot of things talaga well worth it ang lahat ng iniyak ko >__<

shemai pa kiss nga!

Hana Kimi

sinasabi ko na nga ba eh... ibabalik ako ng lahat ng ito sa JE. ang aking old flame na si Toma *binato ng bakya si cle* aray >< hala sige lemme flood tomas here <333 TOMAAAA I MISHUUU

pag pasensiyahan na ang ang kawirdohan ni toma sa pic na ito pero waahh cute pa rin siya sa paningin ko T__T ahuhuhuhuhu

isa... dalawa.... WAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!

at this rate hindi na ako magtataka kung mag JE ulit ako >< wow it has been so long


WAAHH ISA PAAAA omg i missed them and look ang dati kong manliligaw si Yamapi! *tinamaan ng kidlat si cle* teka nagtataka lang ako na bakit mas sikat si Yamapi kay Toma eh hamak na mas wafu si Toma bebehh

sobra na to T_T *hyperventilates* HINDI NA TO TAMA!!!

isa sa mga gusto ko sa lalaki ay mag rakista porma siya at...

sumusobra ka na toma T__T MAHAL NA KITA ULIT!

paksheettt sige magpakarakista ka paaa sigeeee *hinimatay* i am a sucker for these kinds of look T_T waahh bad boy!

*si cle ay kasalukuyang tumalon sa bangin*

waaaaahh pagahasa!!!!!!

mahal kong jae joong dahil hindi mo ako masuportahan kahit nanadito na ako sa korea gusto ko lang malaman mo na ... NAKIPAGTANAN NA AKO KAY TOMA!!

*naloka si cle*

for more toma hotness please do visit



SHEMAI. teka tama na muna to omg grabe talaga si toma >< *paypay*


waahh na mimiss ko na si Hyuntae T___T waaahh kasi magmimilitary na kasi siya and ayun wala lang nakakamiss kung kailan medyo close na kami saka pa aalis huhuhuhuhu ni hindi ko man lang nakagat ahuhuhuhu anyway nakakamiss mangigil sa katabaan nya <33 (wow nagsalita ang payat ><) saka he really reminds me of my brother that i sooo miss as of the moment. hay Hyuntae i just wish you well in the military service! fighting!

*squishes hyuntae*

wait wait since camwhore ako at hindi ako papayag na walang pic ako kada post ehh eto

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Monday, July 09, 2007

mood: pakshet ka mamatay ka na!!

music: avril lavigne - freak out


hallo people who still visits my blog~~ i am yet again alive!!! so how are my beloved friends? i do hope you are all ok, even though i know that most of you are too frustrated with all the pressure of school and the like. *waves to tintin and ekah*

anyway so what have i been doing lately? hmmm its summer here in Korea and as expected summer is SO DAMN BORING. if it wasnt for the conversation classes everyday we are practically dead here. and the dorm is just too disturbingly quiet aish, and if ever we make any "noise" people would easily be annoyed because they are studying wow so much for summer vacation for these koreans tsk tsk.

speaking of conversation classes ok here goes, the university arranged some errr "intern" work for us (wtf~~ fyi: we are not interns here) we are basically conducting conversation classes (eg: english activities, teaching new vocabulary, etc.) everyday for 3 hours and what do we get from this.... hmmm satisfaction that my students are improving in their english skills~~ that i get to see my new prospect everyday~~ ^_^ hmmmm what else errr i couldnt thing of anything ahuhuhuhu~~ but moving on this is a challenge for me as you know i am no where near that line of work ahahaha ok i am not making sense again >__<

we went to Geojedo and Oedo island last Saturday <33333

mr. kim chang oh went with us, we thought that we are not gonna be able to go to Geojedo so he brought us first in a dinosaur museum <3333 i feel like a little kid ahaha

me, chang-oh, mini, and malou

teehh camwhore is back

RAAAAAWWWWWWWRRRR~~ big dino aahahahaha!!

then after an hour or so Mr.Kim aka second appa called mr.kim changoh (aish full of kims) and told us to go to Geojedo to meet him...

me, james, Appa2, mini

then we were really shocked when he told us that we would be going to Oedo, for those who are not familiar with this, this is the place where they shot the popular Korean drama WINTER SONATA.

me, malou, and mini inside the ferry towards Oedo

on the way to Oedo

us in Oedo island

winter sonata house

wait wait i gotta end here iam not making sense again ahuhuhu toodles!!


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Saturday, June 16, 2007
of buddahs and soju...

shout outs:

Ekah --> yes dear i am updating this blog because of you. thanks for visiting me dear miss you na T_T i cant still get the suju tumbler out of my mind. ><

ate dette --> hello sana nababasa mo to. miss you.

kai --> sana makakita ka na ng magandang trabaho, you are always in my prayers.

riza --> kamusta naman dear?? i do hope that you would have a wonderful school year ahead.

wanjun --> hallo darling how have you been? mommy cle misses you so much!

on to the blog entry....

so much had happened after the Seoul trip, the main highlights are:

1.  Buddah's birthday

my first korean holiday ahahaha~~ we went to Beomosa temple to get a feel on to how its like... hehe

me, styx (the teddy bear), and  wesley

this is us getting lost along the way >< even Wesley doesnt know where we are going ahahaha~~ such camwhores even when were are lost we still take pictures ahahaha XD

lets go with the pic spam ok?

me and malou~~ nice lanterns huh?

one of the boys ^^ sir eli, wesley, me and jp

showering the little buddah

tehh girls

^date???? O_O

it was a wonderful experience for all of us too bad the rain had to ruin everything, so what we did we stayed in ate aubrey's house and ate dinner


2.The University Festival

first and foremost the university festival didnt reached my expectations, it was just a typical music-soju-get wasted thing, plus the random stalls to shop... hmmm. but this week was the most colorful actually.

it was the 1st day of the celebration when i knew about my dad was admitted to the hospital i didnt feel like celebrating for the obvious reasons and all i did was sulk up in my room and did a little concert for myself, it was fun singing with my heart out it made things a bit easier...so yeah the next day everyone was asking me why i didnt come too see the festival and i had to put up a good face and told them i was not really in the mood because i dont want them to worry... but later on that afternoon, ate mari plucked a string and then and there i exploded... i cried infront of the library and ate mari felt really bad about it, i am not mad at her but i guess when one keeps a lot of things in mind, there would be a time when one would explode >< *sigh*

pics of the second day

the second day of the festival was very unforgetable. XD this was the first time i every got wasted in my entire life. ahahaha!! so anyway where do i start?

i promised my friends that i would be there with them in the festival so for me to forget about some concerns that i have i told malou that i am going to get drunk errr she didnt took it seriously >__<

^ wesley and me, before getting drunk or was it after?? i cant even remember this picture >__<

so i ended up drunk that night, all i remember was wesley asking me to get on his back and he'll carry me back to the dorm, of course i did refuse >< anyway it was ate mari, jp and wesley who helped me back to the dorm, aish i was so drunk that i forgot my pin number for our dorm room >< tsk. the whole i-am-so-wasted-and-care-not caused a commotion in the dormitory ahuhuhu they had to call some dorm officials to unlock my room >__<

errr.. mini and me were both wasted that night ><

the 3rd day.... i cant post it here it hurts so much.... daym love.

4th day, ate odz's turn to get drunk and i do have one person to blame for that. yanic. hmp. anyway moving on...

3. mini's birthday

it was both a happy and a umm sort of gloomy day for us all. for one its mini's birthday of course we are happy, and the next was... mr. kim changoh announced that he'll be leaving silla and korea to go to the UK for a UN scholarship.

but anyway we had fun though, james cooked  pasta, mr. kim bought icecream cake, many food ahahaha errrr....

the whole gang with mr.kim changoh <333

me and mr.kim

4. silla university publication

my silla publication got out already <333 wow one way to get famous in korea huh?

5. i'll try forget you....

it was brief..... it was fun. it was painful. falling in love with you was really unexpected. i never thought it would go this far... i still love you up until now... i cant do anything about it. but thanks for the memories, i know that we would still have 8 months to see each other and i plan for that to be good. i'll be happy for you... i hope that she'd be good to you. i am all for you happiness.

i shall end it here.

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